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Purple Poetry 

Purple Pelvis Poetry,


I’ve decided,

Memory is not mind over matter.

That is to say, the memory of our mind does not matter

more than that of our body.

Journey with me, imagine you—able to fit finely into yourself—

Go within, inhale until you drop to the base of your air balloon.

Ride the exhale

back to your sternum.

Grab on, quickly climb up to c1.

Let go, abandon caution  

spiraling down the costal cage.

Float until you see your spine

Gently mature to the iliac crest

Slide down the ilium to

Rest on this flowered floor

Hammock like holding, rocking, stable.


Archived in our fascia    

joy and grief.

What more than is there to record?

Literally our literacy is deep  

Living, hidden, like bone

We articulate with our ancestors

Learning knowledge woven strong like fibers

History layered until its seen superficial

Push, and Peek over the pubis

Dive diagonal to the right patella

Sit and see

100 workers positioned at 31 stations

Move down

Mingle with the metatarsals

they might mention where you are going next.

The body knows, the mind learns how to interpret that knowing.    

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