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We are PRICEarts

PRICEarts Est. OCT 2017 

PRICEarts Mission: to empower communities to find freedom through art, raise awareness of challenges faced in those communities, and provide support for individuals and organizations committed to effecting change

Current Focus:

PRICEarts N.E.W. has received a residency award from the Seattle International Dance Festival (SIDF), the James Ray Residency. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the 3 day work intensive in just over a week. During this intensive we will be diving into our current  Art For Change  mission called (Be)Safe. This mission is focused on becoming more educated on homeless systemic problems as well as their day to day experience. 


With the help of two advisors who have previously lived in homelessness, this project will cumulate in a 40 min work to be showcased in part at this years SIDF show July 25th as well as in a PRICEarts self production, September 25th and 26th 2020. 

Projected Growth: PRICEarts, a place to cultivate community and education in various fine and performing arts disciplines. We are a community with a conscious devoted to responding to the needs of those in the cities we dwell in.    

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