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Detroit native, educator, advocate, artist. 

I began teaching at various institutions in 2015 after relocating to Seattle, WA | Cornish College of the Arts, eXitSPACE School of Dance, and Washington School of Dance are on the list. I have written and performed a one-woman play Death and Other Rude Things, performed live at McCaw Hall for TEDxSeattle 2019 in collaboration with cellist Gretchen Yanover, presented at the Dance Educators Associations of Washington conference as well as Vashon Center for the Arts Shaping Movement - Body Image Conferences. In service of my Alma mater, I acted as chair for the Black Alumni Advisory Council (BAAC).

My passion to educate through art and lead in activism caused me to establish PRICEarts LLC in 2015. As the Executive Director and founding member of the Seattle-based PRICEarts Never Ending Work dance project, I continue to engage in the overall company mission to empower communities to find freedom through art. I was awarded a Seattle Dances - Dance Crush for remaining committed to advocacy through dance. I was commissioned to set work for Gonzaga in Florence; Black Lives Matter - A Global Pandemic, law conference held in 2021. The creation titled Pay the Price explored the past and present narrative of racial and systemic injustice through the lens of the oppressor. PRICEarts and the community-based work we have done have acted as stable grounds for my ongoing research, exploring artivism, historical influence, and the transformative power of the individual's involvement in the micro-community. Currently, I am continuing to develop as an educator at the University of Washington pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Dance expected to complete in 2024.

I believe my body is a source of knowledge, my practice is my protest. Theatrical expression, both physical and verbal, is the primary medium I use to engage others, investigate phenomena, and illuminate public discourse. My roots and repertoire are sufficient; I explore to taste the fruit yield, and discover the blood memory. Art is my practice.  

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