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-exploring, without "home"

Seattle International Dance Festival:

James Ray Residency Recipient

Never Ending Work dance project (N.E.W.)

A group committed to creating works that reflect the raw truth of challenges faced in our communities, while simultaneously uplifting these challenges to a place of joy and freedom. Our work is grounded in the accumulation of our individual strengths and ability to meld into one cohesive idea. It is our desire to celebrate and highlight the diversity within our group and our community. We are investing our energy into one another and seeking knowledge and growth. It is our hope that this investment is seen through our movement and used to empower others.

There is no end, until what is not; exists.

Meet our (Be)Safe consultant

Aviona Rodriguez Brown


Aviona the Great (She/They) is a multidisciplinary creatrix who has received a smART Ventures Grant for her community performances and workshops bringing art expression and self awareness to Seattle’s communities in need. As a philanthropist- Aviona is known as one of the youngest donors to the Boys and Girls Club of America and has been awarded the Seattle’s Mayors Scholar Award. Photos taken by Aviona have been published in the Pike Place Market 100 Year Anniversary Memoriam book and throughout Seattle. Aviona’s recent venture is focused on defining her identity as the ethnicity AFROLATINX.  Known as the writer and solo performer of REVEAL, a show of discovery and self acceptance- while dealing with drug addiction, homelessness, and mental illness, has completed a 4 city tour.

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