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We Are Not Expendable

Chester Price Gallery

We Don't have all the answers but we are committed to continuing the conversation regarding mental wellness. We invite you to enter this exhibition and reflect.


To raise awareness of challenges faced in urban communities through art; and provide support for individuals and organizations committed to effecting change. 



The perceived rise in police brutality in 2014 brought to light by our social media abilities sparked a need in the PRICEarts community. In collaboration with the Black Arts & Cultural Center of Kalamazoo we produced a show that brought artists together to address current social justice issues. The first Art for Change Event presented in 2015 focused on some of the recent racial issues that have been presenting themselves all over the country. The Black Arts & Cultural Center Art for Change Scholarship was also established in 2015 as a result of the event.


Creative note

As artists it is our job to speak up and out boldly to effect and prompt change. We were given gifts that causes others to pause and take note of the beauty and or pain that is being displayed. Art reaches into the heart of the individual and causes them to recognize truth in the matter. Truth is often uncomfortable, discomfort brings about change much like the birth of Art for Change or the 1965 Black arts Movement said to have ended in 1975.          

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