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Smooth tempo easy to follow moves

Instructor: Noelle Price 

Song: Daddy Lessons by: Beyonce

Time: 15 Minutes

Great solo or with the family. Fun and Sassy

instructor: Noelle Price  

Song: Physical by: Dua Lipa

Time: 20 minutes

Get silly with some grown fun

Instructor: Noelle Price 

Song: The Whole World by: Outkast Feat. Killer Mike (Explicit)

Time: 15 Minutes

Consists of light conditioning, strenthening and stretching

Instructor: Sidney B. 

Song: Misc.

Time: 25 Minutes


Define your audacious character with this fun Musical Theatre phrase  

Instructor: Noelle Price 

Song: Big Spender by: Valarie Pettiford

Time: 25 Minutes

A Funky jazz combination with sharp accents and a groovy beat

Instructor: Robert Moore

Song: Turkish Delight by David Crowder Band

Time: 16 Minutes

Grounded movement to make you feel empowered

Instructor: Noelle Price 

Song: Know Your Worth by: Khalid

Time: 20 Minutes

Instructor: Sidney B.

Song: "That's Enough" by Janelle Monae

Time: 13 Minutes

Instructor: Sidney B.

Song: "Baby Girl" By Bryce V

Time: 15 Minutes


Dynamic tone shifts the steps, vibrant and fun  

Instructor: Noelle Price 

Song: Freedom by: Pharrell Williams

Time: 15 Minutes

Instructor: Sidney B.

Song: "Friday" by Parris

Time: 15 Minutes

Creative Prompts

A fast pass quick study for those looking for a burst of creative energy     

Instructor: Noelle Price 

Song: One Kiss (with Dua Lipa) by: Calvin Harris

Time: 15 Minutes

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