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Standing Warm Up

Brain Dance

Teacher: Adi

Song: Brain Dance Music by: Eric Chapelle

Time: 10 Minutes

Additional Info: The Brain Dance Warm Up was created by Anne Green Gilbert and it follows 8 movement patterns:

The Littles (2-5)

Bend, stretch and reach through your body before learing a fun

dance with teacher Lisa

Teacher: PRICEarts Dancer Lisa 

Song: Under The Sea from: The Little Mermaid

Time: 15 Minutes

Creepy Crawlies its time for a quick dance break with teacher Eva

Teacher: PRICEarts Dancer Eva  

Song: The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Time: 5 Minutes

Feeling wiggly? Time to shake your self sillie

Teacher: Noelle Price 

Song: Shake The Sillies Out by:Raffi

Time: 3 Minutes

Stop and go with this wacky song  

Teacher: Noelle Price 

Song: Party Freeze Dance by: Kiboomers

Time: 5 Minutes

Kids (5-8)

Float through space in this warm up and combination    

Teacher: PRICEarts Dancer Robert

Song: In My Own Little Corner Sung By: Brandy

(from the Cinderella Movie)

Time: 15 Minutes

Do you like patterns? You'll love creating silly shapes    

Teacher: Noelle Price

Song: Banana, Banana, Meatball by: Blazer Fresh

Time: 5 Minutes

Tweens (9-12)

Do you love animals and hip hop well clearly you are

in the right place.     

Teacher: Noelle Price 

Song: No Hamsters in the Bed by: Blake Rules Netherfriends

Time: 10 Minutes

Modern daning is freeing for the soul.     

Teacher: Noelle Price 

Song: Dancing In The Dark song by: Rihanna from the "Home"

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Time: 15 Minutes

Lets Get Creative

Couches aren't just for naps. Its time to create a dance on your couch.     

Teacher: Noelle Price 

Song: Count On Me by: Bruno Mars (EP Verson)

Time: 10 Minutes

Find focus using just your hands in this fun improv game.

Teacher: Noelle Price 

Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow_What A Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Time: 5 Minutes

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