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November 19th & 20th 

HEADLINE a PRICEarts production 

Work Generated by Season 5 Company Members,  Composition Curated By Tessa Banales & Noelle Price

PRICEarts N.E.W. has been exploring the juxtaposition between the health and stress of media, conventional and social. Its progression, accessibility, and saturation are not definitively harmful, however, have shortcomings in accuracy and perspective.

We encourage you to experience HEADLINE as an exploration of what you invite into your consciousness. Take note of your contribution to media culture and acknowledge the universal need for rest.

Tickets Available for purchase starting Nov 5th

Warning: The verbal text used in HEADLINE is sourced or influenced by public articles. Some of the words you hear may trigger a negative response. You have the autonomy to leave or take a break from viewing this work should the need arise.