PRICEarts in the Park

Join PRICE arts N.E.W. Dance Company in an open Company class outside!

A class taught by Noelle Price Founder of PRICEarts and accompanied by N.E.W. dance members. This class is designed to get you moving and warm throughout any space you may be in.

Join our Community and Dance with us the Month of August, Thursday mornings at 10am for a short class to get your heart pumping for a fresh start to the day. This class is a donation based class if you don't have the funds we still would love to see you there!

Find the class on Instagram Live:  


Tickets down below 
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Remind, Remember is a multidisciplinary work that serves as an exercise in shifting the internal voice. This piece is a celebration of cultural practice, healing work and grief. Through movement, sound, and design the collaborators explore our imminent proximity to death. Embrace the ephemeral nature of life.

 Join the conversation during suicide prevention awareness week.Rent Remember Me Young Detroit Documented for FREE.

Talk to those you love about prioritizing their mental wellness and help normalize conversations about suicide prevention and mental wellness.  

We don't have all the answers but we know this for certain, you are important and WE ARE NOT EXPENDABLE. This September PRICEarts opens its Chester Price virtual gallery to the community.

Find connection and commonalty here with us . 

Want to submit work to the gallery click here

Contact us here:

IG: PRICEarts_

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