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Welcome to the second anual inSHOP!

Join us May 26th for an intimate opportunity to be on set with inSHOP choreographers and movers the evening of filming. You will view segments of each choreographers work and engage in a talk back while the film process is fresh in the minds of the artists

inSHOP is an annual program designed to highlight N.E.W. company members as "choreographer", give space for the individual to explore their own socially relevant concepts and personally pursue the PRICEarts mission to find freedom through art.

In addition to our in-house choreographers, we've commissioned illustrious creator Nia-Amina Minor to set a company work. 


This year's choreographers include - Nia-Amina Minor, Lisa Kwak, Allison Carrillo, Symone Sanz, and Ieva Bračiulytė

inSHOP Choreographers

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